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Protein is an important nutrient needed for the growth and repair of cells. Proteins are found in both animal and plant foods.
On average, milk contains about 3.5% protein, which is made up of casein protein (80%) and whey protein (20%). Beta casein contributes to the casein protein. A1 and A2 are two common forms of beta casein found in cow’s milk, including Dairy Farmers milk.
A2 is one of the forms of beta casein naturally found in cow’s milk. The % of A2 protein in milk can vary significantly amongst different breeds of cows.

Our milk hasn’t changed. In response to consumer interest about the type of proteins present in their milk, Dairy Farmers is simply providing consumers with transparent and verified information on the A1 and A2 protein composition of Dairy Farmers milk.

Our research showed us that over three quarters of the consumers we surveyed are interested in knowing more about the nutrients in the foods they buy. When it comes to milk, only 23% are aware of the types of protein present in their milk, yet the majority would like to know if the milk they are buying contains A2 protein.*

A1 and A2 protein are both high quality milk proteins that are found naturally in milk. We want all Australians to be confident in enjoying milk everyday, with transparent information about its natural protein content that takes away the noise and confusion.

*Pure Profile omnibus survey of 1004 adult grocery buyers

Dairy Australia and the Dieticians Association of Australia recommend both A1 and A2 protein as high quality natural sources of protein. Dairy Farmers wants Australians to know that all milk is healthy and full of nutrition. We are taking away the noise and confusion, and replacing it with transparent, verified information on the natural protein content of Dairy Farmers milk.
Dairy Farmers milk naturally contains A2 protein as well as A1 protein.  And of these proteins, our tests to date confirm that 50-70% is A2 protein. The Milk Nutritional Information Panel for each product provides additional information regarding the A1 and A2 protein content. Click here for more information.
We’ve made a significant investment in a specialised testing method to verify the natural composition of A1 and A2 beta casein protein in our milk. The details of this methodology are commercial in confidence.
Dairy Farmers milk has not changed. It still contains levels of lactose in line with that of standard milk and isn’t suitable for people with clinically diagnosed lactose intolerance. For specific dietary advice regarding the suitability of our products, please speak with your healthcare professional.
Dairy Farmers Original Milk, Skim, Lite White and New products include verified information on their A1 and A2 protein composition.  We have not tested HeartActive, Shape and Long Life Milk products specifically so we cannot confirm the amounts of A1 and A2 protein in these products, but most milks typically contain a range of proteins including both A1 and A2 protein.
No. There is no change in the composition of Dairy Farmers milk, which remains pure and natural and therefore great tasting.


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